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The global center of the second largest religion in the world, Islam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East and 18 th largest in the world. Saudi Arabia has the largest population in the GCC region of approximately 30 million residents with an annual population growth rate of 3.3%.

Due to harsh geographical conditions and unsuitability of land for agriculture Saudi Arabia imports more than 80% of its food requirements. By 2020, the total value of food imports will reach $35 billion. In 2018, Saudi Arabia's Food Imports increased by 10% compared to previous year and is forecasted to increase further in next few years. Halal Food Market in Saudi Arabia is expected to reach $ 6 billion.

Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) is the government agency responsible for establishing regulations and standards concerning food, unprocessed and processed animal feed products. It is also responsible for the inspection of locally produced product and imported food products. Since Saudi Arabia is an Islamic monarchy governed by Shariah Law, they allow consumption of only Halal food products in the country. Hence, to ensure products imported into the country is Halal, a Halal Certificate is necessary and to ensure that the Halal Certificate is valid, SFDA has introduced accreditation system for Halal certification body. Only products with Halal Certificate issued by SFDA accredited Halal Certification Body will be recognized and allowed to enter the country.

With our company commitment to serve our clients to the best of our ability in the growth of their business. We have been successfully accredited by SFDA after rigorous scrutiny. At present, we are the only Halal Certification Body in India that has been accredited by SFDA and recognized for Saudi Arabia. So let us help you increase your business to Saudi Arabia with hassle free entering into the country and ability to target over 30 million consumer in the country.

Certification Schemes

Mastercert LLP provides Product Certification services under the following schemes:


Customers those who are awarded Halal Certificate after the completion of the Certification process are provided with Mastercert's Halal Mark. This Mark shall indicate the compliance of the products with relavant Halal standards and regulation. The mark shall be printed on Product packaging. Only the Halal Mark provided by Mastercert shall be used on products and other promotional activities.

The use of the Halal Mark shall be agreed upon by the client by signing agreement to ensure no misuse shall occur. Guidelines on the use of Halal Mark is contained in the scheme. The validity of Halal Mark is subject to validity of Halal Certificate.

Procedure for Use of Halal Mark

Certificate process


Mastercert's management is committed to impartiality and ensures that all activities related to Halal certification & Inspections are conducted impartially by its personnel. Mastercert has analyzed risks to its impartiality originating from its activities, its relationships or those of its personnel.

Impartiality Statement


Mastercert's management is also committed to ensure that all activities of Mastercert are Non-Discriminatory in nature. The policy has been drafted to allow for certification for all interested parties.

Non-Discriminatory Policy