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The complaints management process of Mastercert is based on the following principles:

  • Objective, impartial and non-discriminatory investigation of complaint/appeal
  • Timeliness in the management of the process
  • Verification of actions taken

Mastercert maintains a system for receiving complaints, appeals, claims and disputes. The client needs to provide the following information.

  • Client Details
  • Application reference, if applicable
  • Nature of Complaint/Appeal



  1. The client shall make a complaint or appeal by mentioning in the form Complaints & Appeals.
  2. The assigned personnel will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint/appeal through mail and forward the details to the Quality Manager.
  3. The Quality Manager will assess whether the complaint is valid, determine the accountable department and assign a personnel for investigation.
  4. Where necessary, a committee for investigation comprised of 3 personnel, at least one of whom is a Halal Islamic affairs expert, who were not involved in the certification process or activities related to the complaint/appeal nor has been employed by the complainant/appellant or render consultancy service for them within two years, shall be formed.
  5. The personnel or committee will gather all the necessary information and evidences to verify the merit of the complaint/ appeal.
  6. The root cause of a valid complaint/ appeal shall be determined based on outcome of the investigation, and appropriate action plan to prevent recurrence shall be recommended by the Quality Manager, subject to approval by the CEO.
  7. The effectiveness of the implemented corrective action shall be verified by the Quality Manager within the time frame specified.
  8. The outcome of complaint/ appeal investigation and final decision, including any action required from the client shall be communicated to the complainant/appellant by the CEO or the Quality Manager.
  9. Client’s feedback on Mastercert process of handling complaints and appeals are welcomed and duly recorded.